Muftis from Turkey visited Regional Mufti’s Office – Plovdiv

Delegation led by the Mufti of Istanbul Prof. Dr. Rahmi Yaran, visited the Mufti’s office in the city of Plovdiv. The other guests from the Republic of Turkey were the Mufti Sabri Demir, Muteber Uygur and imams from Istanbul. The delegation was welcomed in Plovdiv by the Regional Mufti Ersin Ahmed, the imam of the Muradie Mosque Neshat Tashkan and the chairman of the Muslim board of trustees in the city of Plovdiv Ahmed Pehlivan. 

The guests from Turkey were informed about the history of Muradie Mosque as well as about the activities of Regional Mufti’s Office – Plovdiv. After the meeting the two parties traditionally exchanged gifts.

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