Night of Mi’raj was festively marked in the town of Peshtera

Quarter “Lukovit” in Peshtera organized an event through which to mark the holy Night of Mi’raj. The celebration took place in 15th of May (Friday).

Official guests of the event were the Regional Mufti of Pazardzhik Abdullah Salih and the Director of the course for imams in the village of Ustina Selim Mehmed.

The imams of the town of Peshtera and of the village of Isperihovo together with the imam from the course from the village of Ustina had prepared a rich program which included nasihat, recitation of the Qur’an, mawlid and performance of ilyahi.

The Regional Mufti told the attendees the story of the Night of Mi’raj or how the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) travelled the distance from Mecca to Jerusalem, after which was ascended to the heavens in order to fulfill the mission which was given to him. 

The event ended properly with a common dua (supplicaionn).

The organizers thanked all participants in the organization and all attendees thanks to whom the Night of Mi’raj was a real celebration for the Muslims from quarter “Lukovit” in the town of Peshtera.

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