Regional Mufti of Kardzhali took part in the opening of the third stage of the construction of „Arpezos” park

The third stage of the construction of the largest park in Bulgaria, known as “Arpezos – North” was opened on 6th of June, 2015. The Regional Mufti of Kardzhali Beyhan Mehmed was officially invited at the event by the Mayor of the municipality of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis.
Among the official guests were also MPs, mayors of municipalities and of smaller settlements, architects and representatives of construction companies. The meeting as also attended by the Parish  Priest Father Peter.
On behalf of him, the Regional Mufti Beyhan Mehmed made a dua (supplication) for barakah and welfare and congratulated the residents of Kardzhali with the new acquisition.

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