Regional Mufti’s Office – Kardzhali held a regular meeting with imams from the region

A meeting with the imams from Kardzhali region was held on the eve of the holy for the Muslims month of Ramadan. It took place in the mosque of the city of Kardzhali on 8th of June, 2015. The meeting was opened with recitation of the Qur’an by the imam of the village of Preseka Myumun Bayrem.
The Regional Mufti Beyhan Mehmed welcomed all participating employees and thanked them for responding to his invitation. The Mufti informed the imams about the agenda of the working meeting. Furthermore he presented the guest from Grand Mufti’s Office, who was also attending the meeting – Hyusein Karamolla – Head of Educational Department. Karamolla emphasized in his speech mostly on the topic for the introduction and implementation of the campaign of the Grand Mufti’s Office for studying the subject “Islamic religion” in the schools. The preparation for the month of Ramadan was also discussed and the imams said that in many places there will be Mukabele.
In the central settlements Ramadan shelters for the iftar-dinners will be set up. The Regional Mufti informed the imams about the campaign of the Grand Mufti’s Office for supporting needy families with humanitarian packages. The attendees were informed also about the beginning of the summer Qur’an courses and the Mufti urged the imams for more efforts in this field.
Within the meeting were addressed the topics related to the recruitment of students for the secondary religious schools, the Hajj campaign of Grand Mufti’s Office. At the end of the meeting all imams received inquiry cards from Grand Mufti’s Office.
After the meeting the imams had also to fill in questionnaires for assessment of their knowledge, prepared by Irshad Department at Grand Mufti’s Office.

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