Is there a need for halal products on the Bulgarian market?

According to one sociological survey about 40 percent of the Muslims in Bulgaria eat pork, which is a very serious problem from a religious point of view. But if it is taken into consideration that some Muslims consciously or unconsciously consume different products containing pork or alcoholic substances the problem becomes even more serious. Realizing its responsibility in this regard Grand Mufti’s Office for several years tries to facilitate the feeding of the Muslims with halal products, stimulating different companies to offer on the market clean from religious aspect foods. It also carries out informational campaign within the framework of which lectures and talks take place, different material are published and more than 30000 copies of books for the harm of the pork meet were printed.
As a continuation of these activities for a first time on 11th of June in the Media and Culture Center of Grand Mufti’s Office a discussion of this kind on the topic “Halal products in Bulgaria” was organized. During the events current issues related to the halal foods were raised. The imam of the town of Sarnitsa Said Mutlu expert and easy for the participants explained the understanding for halal in the light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and the medical expert Dr. Akif Shabanov discussed the issue for halal from a medical point of view, focusing on the formula “Healthy spirit healthy body”. Of an interest were also the reports of the Chairman and the member of the Halal Certification Committee at Grand Mufti’s Office Halil Hodzhov and Beyhan Mehmed, who presented the status of the halal certification on a worldly scale and on the Bulgarian market. They presented the history and the activities of the Committee and listed the halal certified companies in Bulgaria. They also informed about some problems which the Committee faces. Representatives of all halal certified companies in Bulgaria were invited for the discussion. Some of them attended the event, and Mrs. Desislava Dicheva from “Karmela 2000” Ltd, Veliko Tarnovo, presented detailed information for the halal certification process in their company, the advantages and the benefits of the certificate for them.  
At the end treat from the certified companies was provided that gave opportunity to taste halal products which can be found on the Bulgarian market – sweets, pastries, dairy products.
The attendees and the organizer of the forum were pleased with the event and it was concluded that it is necessary such forums to be organized in different regions in the country, where many Muslims live.

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