Representatives of the European Baptist Federation visited Grand Mufti’s Office

Within the period 23rd – 27th of September, 2015, the European Baptist Federation held its annual conference. For a first year the meeting took place in the capital. 

The event managed to gather more than 150 delegates from about 50 countries in Europe and the Middle East – leaders from the national Baptist communities, pastors, religious employees, theologians, academics, lawyers and humanists.

The topic of the conference this year is “Love the stranger” – a value which is essential in the modern times of refugee crises, migration problems in Europe and a lack of tolerance in the society. Within the conference was also held a consultation in the topic “Freedom of religion and faith”.

The hosting of Sofia is recognition for the historical role of the city as a place of peaceful co-existence and interaction between different ethnic groups and religious communities, as well as for the present efforts for understanding and freedom of religion.

On 28th of September the delegation visited Grand Mufti’s Office. The guests were welcomed by the Deputy Grand Mufti Birali Birali. 

He presented the Muslim community, the activities and the problems which its representatives face. During the conversation it was concluded that it is necessary to make joint efforts for achieving understanding and freedom of religion.

The group which visited the Muslim Denomination was led by Bishop Teodor Oprenov, who shared that for the mutual understanding are necessary more frequent personal meetings, than someone to represent the other.

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