Bulgarian Hajj pilgrims visited the historical site Jirana

After the successful implementation of the rites of Hajj the Bulgarian pilgrims perform additional worshiping and also visit historical and significant places within their stay in Mecca. On 30th of September the pilgrims visited the site Jirana, which is located about 30 far from Mecca and is outside the sacred area (haram).

During their visit in the site the pilgrims were informed by the Deputy Grand Mufti Vedat Ahmed about the historical events which took place during the Battle of Hunayn. This battle was caused by the attack of the tribes of Hawazin and Thaqif against the Muslims, who were returning to Medina after the conquest of Mecca without bloodshed. Despite the powerful army of the Bedouins from Hawazin and Thaqif, the Muslims defeated them. As a result of this they captured enormous spoils and many prisoners of war. 

The spoils were kept in the site of Jirana hoping that the flied attackers will come back to search for it and will ask to be forgiven. But after a certain period of time due to the insistence of the Muslim fighters who recently embraced Islam, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) ordered the spoils to be shared out between them. Subsequently the flied by the defeat indeed came back, they expressed their adherence to the Muslim leader and asked for their lost property, but received only a fifth of it – the share which was assigned for the State Treasury (Bayt ul-mal). 

In order to calm the situation Muhammad (pbuh) together with prominent Sahabs (followers) as Abu Bakr, Omar and Osman entered in ihram in the site of Jirana and performed the pilgrimage of Umrah, visiting Mecca. In order to remember this act of Muhammad (pbuh) at the same place is built a mosque where nowadays some of the pilgrims come and put on ihram in order to perform a pilgrimage of Umrah. Following this example our pilgrims also put on the special clothes (ihram) in order to perform additional pilgrimage of Umrah.

In the site of Jirana is located the spring which started running after Muhammad (pbuh) put his hand on the ground and made supplication for water for the thirsty Muslims. Unfortunately the working a few years ago spring fountain is closed today.

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