Grand Mufti’s Office delegation took part in an international meeting in Mecca

A delegation from Grand Mufti’s Office, including the SMC Chairman and the Deputy Grand Mufti Vedat S. Ahmed, the Regional Mufti of Smoyan Nedzhmi Dabov and the Secretary General Ahmed Ahmedov, participated in the international meeting on the occasion of Eid ul-Adha, organized in the city of Mecca by the President of the Diyanet of the Republic of Turkey Prof. Dr. Mehmed Görmez. For several years the forum became a tradition and is held during Hajj in order to strengthen the feeling of brotherhood between the representatives of the different countries.

The international Eid and brotherly meeting was attended by representatives of about 40 countries, among whom were ministers, muftis, leaders of Hajj delegations from Muslim countries and representatives of Muslim minorities from Europe, Africa, America and Asia. Main focus of the meeting was the recent sad event which happened during Hajj near Mecca, where about 800 people lost their life and the injured were many more.

In his speech Prof. Görmez stressed on the necessity of understanding the values of the Islamic civilization, the ethical norms such as compassion, mercy, brotherhood and humaneness. He thanked the Saudi authorities for the efforts they make for the organization of Hajj, and also called them for more responsible attitude. He made the same call also to the representatives of the Hajj organizations and to the pilgrims themselves, and paid attention to the need of organization of more large-scale preliminary training activities for the Hajj pilgrims and observing the order and the discipline during Hajj.

The representatives of Grand Mufti’s Office expressed their gratitude for the organized forum and the invitation; they forward the greetings from the Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi and expressed their best wishes.

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