Mufti’s Office in the capital marked the beginning of the initiative “Orphans’ week” with charity bazaar

For a second consecutive year the Grand Mufti’s Office through its subdivisions, regional mufti’s offices and Muslim boards of trustees organized “Orphans’ week”. This year the campaign will take place within the days from 23rd till 30th of November. Beside the donation campaign, organized on this occasion, the week will be filled with many other various events the aim of which is to draw the attention to this so vulnerable group in the society.
Regional Mufti’s Office – Sofia started the “Orphans’ week” on Sunday with a charity bazaar, a lecture and a program for children, which took place in the premises of the mufti’s office. More than twenty-five women and the same number of children took part in the bazaar with homemade food, thanks to which the amount of 300 leva was collected. The money will be given to “Orphans” Fund of the Grand Mufti’s Office.
During the lecture which took place the Regional Mufti Mustafa Izbishtali reminded the participants about the place of the orphan in Islam and the attitude of the modern society towards these defenseless children.
For the youngest visitors of the charity bazaar on Sunday an educational and entertaining program was prepared.
“Orphans’ week” will continue in the capital’s mufti’s office with lectures, donation campaign, carrying out charity bazaars and informational campaigns in the settlements and the masjids at the capital’s subdivision of the Denomination. After the end of all events the Grand Mufti’s Office will provide detailed information on the results of the campaign.
Information on the total amount of the collected within the social campaign money will be published on the webpage of the Grand Mufti’s Office.

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