Turkish Ambassador Süleyman Gökçe visited Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna

The Regional Mufti of Varna Taner Veli received Süleyman Gökçe, Ambassador of Turkey in Sofia, during his two-day visit in Varna.
Gökçe was accompanied by Niyazi Erven Akyol, Consul General of Turkey in Burgas, Dr. Ulvi Ata – social affairs attaché, as well as by attachés in the field of policy, education and economy at the Embassy of Turkey in Bulgaria.
The Ambassador Süleyman Gökçe was on a two-day visit in the sea capital and on the second day of it before the Friday prayer he visited the local mufti Veli. After performing the prayer Süleyman Gökçe held a welcoming speech in front of the present worshipers in the central mosque “Aziziye”. The Mufti of Varna expressed his gratitude for the visit of the Ambassador and the delegation accompanying him. Süleyman Gökçe and the Regional Mufti Taner Veli parted with wishes for more frequent useful meetings like that one.

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