Grand Mufti’s Office condemns the vandal attempted arson of “Dzhumaya Mosque” in Plovdiv and calls upon the authorities to undertake more serious measures

Grand Mufti’s Office condemns the vandal attempted arson of “Hüdavendigâr” Mosque in Plovdiv known as “Dzhumaya Mosque”. It is a cultural and historical monument of a national importance and is under the protection of UNESCO.
The criminal act was committed on 5th of January, 2015, around 22:30 in the night where the perpetrator poured with flammable liquid the woodwork and then set fire to it. Material damages are caused.
The violation towards Dzhumaya Mosque is a recidivism which from a sporadic phenomenon is transformed into a regular xenophobic act, multiplying also towards the other mosques and Muslims’ values in the country.
The frequent attacks towards shrines strongly worry the Muslim Denomination. Such acts undermine the ethno-religious peace in the country and encapsulate the Muslims, which could lead to unexpected reactions. Cases like that remind about that one with “Banya Basi” from 20th of May, 2011, when the reputation of the country in front of our European partners was infringed.
What happened is a serious threat for the Bulgarian democracy and human rights and values. The classification of such crimes as “misdemeanor” according to the Criminal Code does not prevent the perpetrators to repeat once more and twice their xenophobic acts.
We do call upon the legislative authorities to consider this matter in terms of countering such anti-Muslims, antihuman and mocking the faith phenomena.







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