Award for diligence

At the initiative of Mr. Emrullah Üzüm, Mufti of the city of Edirne, Turkey, the finalists of the ninth national competition for memorization and artistic recitation of the Qur’an were awarded with a two-day excursion to the Republic of Turkey.
At the end of December the group was gathered in the course for hafizes in the town of Madan from where they left for Edirne and Istanbul.
Head of the group was hafiz Shefket Hadzhi. The finalists visited many interesting cultural and historical sites and met with their colleagues from the Republic of Turkey.
They presented the course of Madan and exchanged experience with their elder brothers. The excursionists expressed their gratitude towards Mr. Emrullah Üzüm, Mufti of Edirne and towards Grand Mufti’s Office for the pleasant and exiting time.

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