Regional Mufti’s Office – Razgrad held a meeting with young imams in the region

A regular meeting with the young imams from the region was organized by the Regional Mufti’s Office – Razgrad on 23rd of December in the mosque “Ahmed Bey” in the city.
The meeting began with recitation of verses from the Qur’an-i Kerim by Hamdi Nezir, imam of the village of Mortogonovo, after which the Regional Mufti Mehmed Alya welcomed the participants and informed them about the agenda. During the meeting an analysis of the activity of the imams based on the prepared by them monthly reports was made, the subscription campaign for “Muslims” magazine for year 2015 was discussed, as well as the results from the “Orphans week”. The issues related to the dissemination of religious literature, issued by the Grand Mufti’s Office, recruitment of students and participants in the courses in the schools in the village of Ustina and “Tashih-i huruf” in Momchilgrad were also discussed. The topic for recruitment of students for the Muslims schools in the city of Ruse and in the city of Shumen as well as for the preparation of the summer Qur’an courses and for the support from the “Orphan” Fund was addressed. The Regional Mufti’s Office – Razgrad awarded with a thanksgiving plaque, gifts and money the graduates in the course “Tashih-i huruf” this year Mr. Hamdi Nezir and Alchan Cholmehmed and the Muslim school in the village of Ustina Mr. Veli Mustafa and Mr. Gyukan Emrulla.
The meeting was closed with a supplication for welfare and prosperity.

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