Delegation led by the Grand Mufti participate in a meeting of the muftis in Turkey

The thirtieth meeting of the provincial muftis of the Republic of Turkey is held in the city of the ethnic and religious diversity Edirne. The traditional event, which takes place every six months, began on 13th of January. It is attended by the President of the Diyanet Prof. Mehmet Görmez, his deputies and 81 provincial muftis from Turkey. For a first time for the meeting are invited also religious leaders of the Muslim communities of the Balkans. Among them are grand and regional muftis from Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, Albania and a representative of the Muslim community in Moldova.

The Muslim Denomination in the Republic of Bulgaria was presented at the important forum by the Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi, the Chairman of SMC and the Deputy Grand Mufti Vedat S. Ahmed, the regional muftis of Razgrad, Aytos and Kardzhali – Mehmed Alya, Selyatin Muharrem and Beyhan Mehmed.

During the opening of the forum the President of the Diyanet Prof. Görmez turned to the participants and began his address strongly condemning the terrorist acts in Paris. In his speech he addressed the issue related to Islamophobia and the responsibility of the Muslims for the proper presentation of the Islamic religion for overcoming the constantly increasing Islamophobic wave. He urged the international community to treat equally all victims of violence, listening the voice of conscience regardless their religion, ethnicity and status, and to the Muslim leaders – to make common efforts in order to overcome the Islamophobia.

During the second session of the meeting speeches were delivered by the Balkan Muslim leaders. The Grand Mufti Dr. Hadzhi addressed the participants with a brotherly greeting and readiness for cooperation to ensure peace in the society through education and training. He presented the activities carried out by the Grand Mufti’s Office, the good relations, the main problems and the expectations of the biggest Muslim minority on the Balkans.

The 30th session of the provincial muftis, during which will also be carried out a separate meeting of the Balkan muftis, will continue until Friday.

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