“You are the living example for religious tolerance”


H.E. Monsignor Anselmo Guido Pecorari – Apostolic Nuncio in Bulgaria received the members of NCRCB. From the very beginning he turned to his guests with the words “You are the living example for religious tolerance”. The Apostolic Nuncio expressed his satisfaction and joy from the visit of the representatives of the main religious denominations in Bulgaria as members of NCRCB.

He listened with interest the brief presentation of the religious denominations and stated his readiness for joint initiatives. NCRCB in Bulgaria carried out a number of events in the name of the noble idea to live together in one civil society. The world proved that only following the way of goodwill, cooperation and tolerance results can be achieved.

Each of the members of the Committee has dedicated his work and time firstly to serve God and then the people. This example can be adopted and initiated in other aspects of the social and political life. In its mission the Committee finds support and followers in times of anxiety and confrontation. Through the relations which it established in the country and abroad NCRCB hopes to fulfill its activity and to be useful for the people in Bulgaria, emphasized the Chairman of the Committee.

On behalf of himself the Nuncio stressed on his service for peace and solidarity in the country, his readiness to contribute for the dialogue between religions. Traditionally the Chairman of NCRCB Mr. Rupen Krikoryan invited H.E. Monsignor Anselmo Guido Pecorari for a honorary member of the National Committee.

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