Regional Mufti`s Office – Razgrad held a meeting with imams and the managements of the Muslim board of trustees from the municipality of Isperih

The first for year 2015 meeting with the imams, the chairmen and the secretary treasurers of the Muslim boards of trustees from the region of Razgrad was held on 16th of February, 2015, from 10:30 o’clock in the meeting room of the municipality of Isperih. The working meeting was opened with recitation of Ashr-i sheriff by Yudzhel Hayreddin, imam of the town of Isperih, after which the Regional Mufti of Razgrad Mehmed Alya welcomed all and thanked them for responding to the invitation. After the welcoming words Taner Ali – imam of the village of Yonkovo, delivered a brief lecture “One verse – one hadith”, related to the belief in Allah (s.s.)

The agenda included issues of different nature. Several topics were discussed during the meeting: campaign for raising funds for the Muslim school in the village of Ustina, which Regional Mufti’s Office - Razgrad is going to organize on 27th of February, 2015 (after Jumu'ah prayer); organization of the campaign for Umrah, which will take place in March, the preparation for the week “Kutlu Dogum”, recruiting students for the secondary religious schools, composition of the lists of the students who are going to participate in the summer Qur’an courses.

These events were attended by the municipal mayors and the mayors of the settlements. Those meeting in that format are going to be held also in the other municipalities from Razgrad region. The meeting was closed with a dua (supplication) for barakah (prosperity).

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