30 people are on a pilgrimage under the organization of Grand Mufti’s Office

Grand Mufti’s Office following a decision of the Committee on Hajj and Umrah, beside the pilgrimage of Hajj, organized also a pilgrimage of Umrah for the Bulgarian citizens. 30 people participated in the first pilgrimage for this year. The youngest pilgrim of Umrah is a boy at the age of 11 from Regional Mufti’s Office – Silistra, who traveled with his parents, and in the past year his grandfather became a Hajj pilgrim also with the organization of the Grand Mufti’s Office.
The pilgrimage is two weeks and lasts from 19th to 30th of March. It includes visits to Mecca and Medina, performance of pilgrimage of Umrah, visits to the holy and historical sites in the two cities and in the surroundings.
The trip is performed by bus to Istanbul and from there by plane. The group of Umrah pilgrims is led by the experienced employee of “Hajj” Department Dzhemal Isa, who is assisted by the imam of the village of Benkovski Erdinch Syuleyman.
In connection with the expressed interest from some Muslims Grand Mufti’s Office plans to organize a second pilgrimage of Umrah this year, with which it aims the pilgrims to spent the night of Miraj in the holy place of Kaaba. The announcement and the conditions related to this will be published soon.

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