The believer does not despair

The National Council of the Religious Communities held a meeting on 19th of March at the Media and Cultural Centre of the Grand Mufti’ s Office a guest of which was Dr. Ulvi Ata – Social affairs attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey.
The meeting was attended by representatives of the main religious denominations in Bulgaria.
After being introduced to the members of the Council, Dr. Ulvi Ata addressed with the words “The believer does not despair”. Against the backdrop of the complex international situation the role of the religious person becomes more and more necessary for the proper education of the society, the principals of the ethic norms, shared by all.
In the societies in which we live, there are common human problems, for the solution of which are necessary the efforts of all members of the society – institutions, organizations and other public formations.
On his turn the Chairperson of the Council Mr. Rupen Krikoryan expressed his satisfaction with the ideas shared by Dr. Ulvi Ata.
In its long practice the Council follows the principals of cooperation between the different religious denominations for solving certain specific problems by taking a clear and unambiguous position against all destructive phenomena which aim to discredit the image of religion and faith.
Despite the negative news for conflicts in different places in the world, the religious leaders should continue their mission to establish the good in the society because this is in the basis of the earthly test in this world.
At the end NCRCB parted with its dear guest with wishes for other meetings and successful activities and initiatives.

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