Humanity is tested by eating halal food

The Theological Faculty of the University in Sakarya in the Republic of Turkey together with the World Organization for Halal Goods organized an international symposium on the problems of Halal certification. The symposium, which took place on 19-20 March, was attended by more than 30 speakers from different Muslim countries, who presented their researches related to the problems of Halal production, standardization and trade. Different state organizations such as the Institute for Turkish State Standard (TCE), World Islamic Institute for Halal Foods and nongovernmental organizations took part in the symposium.
They joined around the motto “Humanity is tested by eating halal food”. All agreed that for increasing the trust in halal certification in the future are necessary unified criteria, control and logistics of the goods worldwide.
Among the participants of the international forum were also the Chairperson and the member of the Committee for issuing Halal Certificate at the Muslim Denomination Halil Hodzhov and Beyhan Mehmed. They had the opportunity to learn about the practices in this field in the world and to represent the Regulation and the procedure for issuing Halal certificates in Bulgaria as well as the control which the Grand Mufti’s Office performs in the certification of Bulgarian companies.

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