Working meeting with imams in Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna

A working meeting with the imams at Regional Mufti’s Office Varna was held on 23rd of March, 2015 in the central mosque “Aziziye”. The meeting began with recitation of verses from Qur’an-i-Kerim. The Regional Mufti Mr. Taner Veli welcomed all imams who attended the meeting and by reading the agenda he informed them about the topics of discussion within the meeting. Issues related to Hajj 2015, the monthly activity reports, maintaining the level of the imams and the campaign for raising funds for the course in the village of Ustina were discussed. Beside this the topics concerning the organization of the week Kutlu Dogum, the workshops organized by the GMO were mentioned in the discussions. The meeting ended with a dua (supplication) made by the guest imam Mr. Ömer Özyer.

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