At the initiative of Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna and with the active cooperation of the Muslim representation – Provadia, few days ago officially began the procedure on securing and reconstruction of the mosque “Sari Hyusein” in the town of Provadia. Since the mosque has not been functioning for many years, it is destroyed to a great extent, and its minaret is in danger of collapsing, Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna undertook urgent measures in terms of the securing and strengthening the minaret. This takes place with the assistance of Grand Mufti’s Office and of Regional Mufti’s Office – Shumen, which provided the scaffolding from the already successfully restored “Tombul” mosque to be used free of charge.

“After securing the area around the historical “Sari Hyusein” mosque and strengthening its minaret, there still have to be developed working projects for the reconstruction and the restoration of the Muslim temple. After that funding will be sought for the implementation of these projects.” – shared for from the management of Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna.

In the town of Provadia, where from the beginning of the year there is also a Mufti’s representation at Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna, there are three mosques in total – the discussed currently reconstructed “Sari Hyusein” mosque, the functioning mosque in the center of the town “Yusuf bey” / “Charshi” mosque, and one  more – “Mesih pasha” mosque, which at the present moment is entirely destroyed, but was a significant religious center with madrasah (school) and adjoining buildings during its time.

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