On Friday, March 13, this year, the three mosques in our maritime capital – “Azizie”, “Hayrie” and “Sesemez” in Asparuhovo quarter, were thoroughly disinfected two times – before and after performing the festive Jumu’ah prayer.

The disinfection was done at the initiative of Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna and with the assistance of the Municipality of Varna and Municipal undertaking “Disinfection, disinsectisation and rat extermination” in Varna. Recommendations and instructions related to the daily disinfection of the Muslim temples were given.

“New measures in terms of disinfections of the mosques will be undertaken on behalf of the Muslim Denomination, after which all regional mufti’s offices will be informed.” – commented for Grandmufti.bg the secretary of the mufti’s office in Varna Fahredin Mollamehmed.


Author: L. Chausheva

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