In the photo (from right to left): Tundzhay Sherif, the Executive Director of GHAT “Kanev” GSC Ivan Ivanov, Apler Ahmedov and Adem Kalach

The management of the religious school in Ruse “Mirza Seid pasha” made its another official donation to one of the hospitals in the city. The donation included 40 of the produced in the base of the educational institution safety helmets. They were personally given to the Executive Director of GHAT “Kanev” Ivan Ivanov on April 14 (Tuesday) this year, by the representatives of the management of the school – the Director Tundzhay Sherif, the Deputy Director Adem Kalach and the teacher Apler Ahmedov.

“Appreciation and respect to Religious School – Ruse, that donated safety helmets for the medical teams of the university hospital “Kanev”!... The team and the management of the General hospital express their gratitude to the donors for their commitment to the medical staff in the fight against COVID-19! We wish you health!” – wrote from the management of the hospital in the social networks few hours after the donation was received.

According to the director of the school in Ruse Tundzhay Sherif, one part of the helmets donated yesterday, have an improved design, with mobility of the helmet. From now on all helmets will be produced with this new option, although their production is a little more work-intensive. The management of RS-Ruse has planned to donate the next batch of ready safety helmets to the medical staff in the fourth big hospital in the city – this for pulmonary diseases treatment.

Author: L. Chausheva

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