In the photo (from right to left): Ahmed Bozov, Prof. Dr. Todor Cherkezov – Executive Director of GHAT “Dr. Atanas Dafovski” in Kardzhali, Beyhan Mehmed and Valentin Chakar

The General Hospital for Active Treatment “Dr. Atanas Dafovski” in the town of Kardzhali is another medical institution the team of which will work easier in the conditions of the pandemic situation in our country. This was possible thanks to the donation of 65 safety helmets, made by Religious School – Momchilgrad, where the protective accessories are elaborated.

The donation was officially given on April 14 (Tuesday) this year to Prof. Dr. Todor Cherkezov – Executive Director of GHAT “Dr. Atanas Dafovski”. On behalf of the donors there were the Director of the religious school in Momchilgrad Ahmed Bozov, the Deputy Director Valentin Chakar, as well as the Regional Mufti of Kardzhali Beyhan Mehmed.

The Director of the hospital in Kardzhali Prof. Dr. Cherkezov expressed his satisfaction with the made donation, thanked for the gesture and prayed that the Almighty help everyone and to save us from this pandemic as soon as possible.

It is expected that the next batch of safety helmets will be donated from Religious School – Momchilgrad to the municipal hospital in Ardino. The work for the elaboration of the safety helmets in the base of the educational institution proceed continuously, and for 24 hours there are produced averagely between 20 and 24 helmets. The 3D printer can work with different degrees of the production capacity – printing 2 helmets in 3 hours, 4 – in 6 hours, 6 in 9 hours and 12 in 14 hours. All safety helmets already have an innovative design allowing the front protective part to move.

Author: L. Chausheva

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