On April 24, (Friday), this year, the management of Religious School – Momchilgrad made another donation to the regional hospital in Kardzhali GHAT “Dr. Atanas Dafovski”. The donation included 45 safety masks in total, “helmet” type, which are produced by 3D printing in the educational institution and in the other two religious schools in the country. The donation was received by the Head of the Neurology Department Dr. Yordan Karaivanov, but the masks will be allocated between the different departments in the hospital.

This is the second consecutive donation from the management of the school in Momchilgrad to GHAT “Dr. Atanas Dafovski” in the town of Kardzhali. Earlier this month the hospital received another 65 safety helmets for its medical staff that fight at the frontline in the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This week we will make a donation to the hospital in Haskovo, InshaAllah, and the initiative is coordinated with the Mufti of Haskovo Basri Eminefendi.” – commented for Grandmufti.bg the Director of the Religious school – Momchilgrad Ahmed Bozov.


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