Since the beginning of the declared in our country due to the global coronavirus pandemic, our neighboring country, the Republic of Turkey, has shown a great solidarity with our country in the fight against COVID-19 through its official institutions, the private sector and the NGOs. The value of the aids, the donations and the projects for cooperation during this period in our country, amounts to nearly half a million BGN.

The active support on behalf of the Republic of Turkey to Bulgaria in the situation of the global COVID-19 pandemic will continue also during the month of Ramadan.

So, during the holy for the Muslims month, Grand Mufti’s Office and the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in our country will work in a large-scale joint charity project.

Ambassador Aylin Sekizkök said in front of the local media that the month of Ramadan is “a month of social solidarity” and in this connection “together with Grand Mufti’s Office in Bulgaria, will be implemented a large project for distribution of food products to needy people regardless of their religion or ethnicity.”

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