On May 19 (Tuesday) the management of Religious School – Momchilgrad, in the persons of the Director Ahmed Bozov and the Deputy Director Nurettin Chakar made an official donation of safety helmets for the medical staff from the Urgent Medical Care Center (UMCC) in the town of Kardzhali. The donation included a total of 150 protective masks “helmet” type. On behalf of the medical center was expressed gratitude as well as feedback that the helmets are extremely comfortable and practical. On the occasion of the act of donation UMCC-Kardzhali wrote on its page in the social network:

“Friends from Secondary Religious School – Momchilgrad, THANK YOU! The helping hand in a difficult time is never forgotten! TOGETHER WE WILL FIGHT COVID-19!”

“From the Urgent Medical Care Center in Kardzhali got in contact with us and expressed their wish if we can produce from the safety helmets for the medical staff in the regional center. It is expected after that they will be distributed among the urgent medical care centers at the different municipalities in Kardzhali District.” – commented for Grandmufti.bg the Director of the Religious School – Momchilgrad Ahmed Bozov.

According to Bozov, the team of the religious school continues to produce safety helmets with the same pace like before. The management of the religious school has donated more than 650 safety masks so far. Now there are going to be printed masks for the schools in Momchilgrad, in which state matriculation exams will take place, because one of the requirements is the members of the examination commissions to be with such safety helmets.

Author: L. Chausheva

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