The starting from the beginning of July this year summer Qur’an courses in the entire country were the occasion to hold a workshop with the imams and teachers from Regional Mufti’s Office – Targovishte.

The meeting was held on June 25 (Thursday), 2020 in “Saat Cami” in the town of Targovishte, where due to the observance of the safety measures the participants in it were divided into three groups. Official guests were Ahmed Hasanov – Deputy Grand Mufti, Dr. Osman Ibrahimov – teacher in Religious School “Nyuvvab” in the city of Shumen, and Ramazan Özçelik – guest-imam from the Republic of Turkey.

The meeting was opened with recitation of the Qur’an from the guest-imam Ramazan Özçelik.

The Regional Mufti of Targovishte Nazif Rasimov welcomed the guests and the imams and expressed his gratitude to the representatives of Grand Mufti’s Office for organizing these workshops.

During the workshop program Dr. Osman Ibrahimov highlighted the importance of the religious education, and Nutfi Nutfiev, who is an expert at “Irshad” Department at the mufti’s office in Targovishte and a regional coordinator of the local summer Qur’an courses, informed his colleagues about the requirements and the safety measures that must be observed when carrying out the Qur’an courses during the present summer season.

The Deputy Grand Mufti Ahmed Hasanov in his speech greeted the imams and focused on the importance of the importance of the Qur’an courses for the future of the Muslim community in Bulgaria. He also highlighted that the moral degradation in society and especially in the adolescents, cannot be stopped without learning about and applying the religious and universal values.

The event was closed with a general dua (supplication).

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