Regional Mufti’s Office – Shumen held a one-day workshop with the teachers from the summer Qur’an courses on June 25 (Thursday), 2020. An official guest of the working meeting was the Chairman of the Supreme Muslim Council (SMC) Vedat Ahmed.

The Regional Mufti of Shumen Mesut Mehmedov welcomed the teachers and presented the agenda of the workshop. The SMC Chairman, after greeting the teachers, delivered a speech related to the importance and the significance of the summer Qur’an courses. Other speakers in the workshop were Dzhelil Shakir – teacher in RS “Nyuvvab” in the city of Shumen, and Osman Tığlı – guest-imam from the Republic of Turkey. They, in their turn, spoke about the techniques and methods for the better and fruitful implementation of the courses.

The teacher from RS “Nyuvvab” Dzhelil Shakir called upon the imams to assist the management of the school in recruiting students for 2020/2021 school year.

The local coordinator of the summer Qur’an courses Orhan Basri explained how to carry out the summer Qur’an courses and informed the teachers about the measures that have to be observed in connection with the epidemic situation in the country.

The workshop ended with a dua (supplication), made by the SMC Chairman Vedat Ahmed.


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