The imams and the teachers in the summer Qur’an courses at Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna started their preparation for them with participation in a one-day workshop. The training was held on June 23 (Tuesday) this year in the central mosque of the city of Varna. Guest speakers were the Deputy Grand Mufti Ahmed Hasanov and Dr. Osman Ibrahimov.

During the workshop there were discussed topics such as the importance and the significance of the summer Qur’an courses, the used training materials, the teaching methodic and many others. On behalf of the hosts from Varna, the Regional Mufti Nuray Shukri and the guest-imam from the Republic of Turkey Salih Kaplan, were also given useful recommendations and guidelines for the teachers for their work with the children in the Qur’an courses.

There was explained that this year, 2020, the control on the courses will be done by the deputy mufti in the town of Provadia Oktay Hashim.

The agenda of the meeting included also explanation of the safety measures which must be observed during the summer Qur’an courses in the country, that are expected to officially start in the beginning of the next month.

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