The Grand Mufti of the Muslims in the Republic of Bulgaria Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi was a guest-speaker during a one-day workshop, held on June 23 (Tuesday), under the chairmanship of Regional Mufti’s Office – Haskovo. The training in which participated imams and teachers in year-round and summer Qur’an courses in the region of Haskovo, was related to the organization and the implementation of the summer Qur’an courses in the region.

The program was opened with a greeting address on behalf of the Regional Mufti od Haskovo and a host of the meeting Basri Eminefendi.

The Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi and the guest-imam from the Republic of Turkey Adem Bal, who participated in the lectures, highlighted the importance of the courses and different important aspects of the training process. The imams and the teachers were informed about all requirements of Grand Mufti’s Office related to the safety measures in the current epidemic situation in our country, including the requirement the participants in one group not to exceed more than 15-20 people. And in case that in some settlements the number of the Qur’an courses is higher, the teachers to be re-grouped in a way which will be also in accordance with this requirement about the number of the participants.

“Currently the year-round Qur’an courses in the region of Regional Mufti’s Office – Haskovo are 4, they all are in the town itself. And we have planned to carry out summer Qur’an courses at 30 settlements in the region.” – said for the coordinator of the summer Qur’an courses at Regional Mufti’s Office – Haskovo Suray Mustafa.

At the end of the program of the one-day workshop the host Basri Eminefendi sent the official guest Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi by presenting him a gift – a model of the emblematic clock tower in the town of Haskovo. In the event also participated the Vice-Rector of the Higher Islamic Institute Canlı, whose mandate in Bulgaria is at its end and on this occasion he makes farewell visits to the regional mufti’s office in our country.


Author: L. Chausheva



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