228 Bulgarian Pilgrims perform Hajj in Mecca

228 pilgrims from Bulgaria perform Hajj in the holy lands – Mecca and Medina. The pilgrimage is organized by Grand Mufti’s Office under the management of Deputy Grand Mufti Vedat S. Ahmed who is responsible for Hajj organization. It started on 15th of September and will continue till 15th of October this year. Traditionally the majority of the pilgrims are old people mainly pensioners but there is also increase among the young people as well. They joyfully invest in the sacred pilgrimage their first earned with hard work money.

The Bulgarian pilgrims successfully performed their ibadah (worshiping rituals) with their arrival in Mecca with enviable enthusiasm and attention. Especially diligent are the old pilgrims, their desire to win the satisfaction of Allah gives them wings.

The pilgrims are divided into 5 smaller groups. Each of the groups has a trained leader who knows the holy lands and guides the pilgrims in their worshiping. Visits to Kaaba are organized daily and for those who are willing to visit the mosque during the night there are also night visits.

During the hot days for the pilgrims who preferred to stay in the hotel are organized lectures in Bulgarian and Turkish language. For the smooth performance of the holy trip takes care a team of 15 people including professional guides, lecturers (men and women), medical staff and assistants dealing with the catering.

There is a doctor’s office in the hotel for the pilgrims for initial hospitalization and duty administrative team.

It is foreseen this year the pilgrims to be about 5 million where this is the number of those who wished to perform the pilgrimage despite the quota restrictions of the authorities due to the repair activities aiming to enlarge the mosque and the adjoining infrastructure.



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